2016 Top Wishlisted Items

  Here is the 2016 Top Wishlisted Items from my Teachers Pay Teachers Store. Linking up with some fellow seller bloggers to share our top wishlisted items for 2016 just in time for the big Cyber Monday and Tuesday sale. Check out any of these items and much more to save up to 28% off

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Reflecting on Thanksgiving

  Reflecting on Thanksgiving Thanksgiving is a time when we traditional give thanks for the things we have in our lives. Almost everyone says family, health and such. This year it really is family and health for my family. My husband got very sick after surgery in early October. There have been many times during

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Growth Mindset Don’t Ever Give Up

Growth Mindset Don’t Ever Give Up This weeks Monday Motivational Poster is using a Growth Mindset that reminds us that: you don’t get better at things you give up on. In our classrooms we have the opportunity to encourage kids when they feel like they would rather give up. Instill a sense of confidence as

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Hi I am Michelle, wife, mom, former teacher turned homeschooler with 5 children and one grandbaby! Married to my highschool sweetheart and love education with everything in me!

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