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This is my first time linking up with Kacey from Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday. This week has been dragging on for me so I am looking forward to the weekend!



I have been working on finishing up some last minute gifts for my son’s First Grade teacher! She has been great with him this year! He could possibly be consider one of “those kids” that generated the most talked about meme in education this week.

Someecards meme



Unlike the lady who decided to report the info to admin I will just chuckle and allow his teacher to have a life!



Finally posted a new resource this week! Do you use personal spelling dictionaries in your classroom?  I have used something similar to this resource throughout the years.  It is a great way to help kids to become more independent with their writing.  Instead of asking the dreaded question “How do you spell…..?” I just direct them to their spelling dictionary.  You can even copy  them 2 to a page if you need to conserve space!





The weather in Vegas has decided it is summer after all.  We normally get our Summer  weather  in April but this year Mother Nature was kind and gave us a reprieve.  I have a feeling we are going to pay for it. Most natives of Vegas hibernate for summer, complain about the power bill, and have a pool or friends with a pool!

melted fan





I had a life changing moment this week when my mom showed me something in PowerPoint.  Ever create a resource that is half page but has lots of parts and you need to duplicate it for the bottom half?  Well you can with a series of shifts and clicks copy the moving parts and in one ctlr +v paste it completely.  So instead of clicking copy/paste each individual line and text box and then trying to line it all up so that it matches the top half you can save yourself some time and headaches! Okay if you already knew that this could be done, please pretend for my sake that you just found out the most profound thing on earth. Rejoice with me people (or point and laugh) I plan to create a tutorial showing how to do this very life changing moment. If I can help one fellow TpTer I know it will make a difference in whether their hubby and kids eat frank and beans again for dinner! #lifechangingmomentsshared  

Teaching Superkids Weekly Report

copy all these pieces at one time!




Next week I am linking up with A Dab of Glue Will Do for Winner Wednesday! I am going through my resources to see which item to showcase.  If you are not familiar with this new linky/giveaway some amazing TpT sellers create a blog post showing an item from their store and then give buyers an opportunity to win it!  I should probably start working on that blog post lol!

Win it Wednesday

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