Growth Mindset The Struggle is Real

If there is no struggle, there is no progress

Growth Mindset The Struggle is Real

Growth Mindset if there is no struggle there is no progress

This weeks Monday Motivational Poster is Growth Mindset the struggle is real.  I have said that phrase more times than I can possibly remember. What if we were to say it but follow up with “if there is no struggle, there is no progress.”. I may be currently in a struggle that seems overwhelming. But when I open my eyes and look hard enough I can see that the struggle is bringing about progress.

This one hits a bit home for me especially during this time in my life. My husband is in ICU after major complications from surgery. Every day seems to be a struggle uphill for him and I feel defeated when I go home at night. I know that in this struggle there is small glimpses of progress. I know I need to look for the small things that are improving each day. Such as, white blood count is not going up, potassium levels are good today, dialysis went well or maybe even that his blood pressure looks good today. Those simple little things don’t seem like progress but each day he can maintain those things moves him forward towards progress.

In our classrooms we encounter so many different love bugs that have day to day struggles. For some it is making and maintaining friends, for others it is reading or math. Each child has a unique set of challenges they face and it is our job to help them see that even when they struggle the fact that they don’t give up means that progress is right around the corner. Today it might not happen but pushing through will eventually get them to the other side of their mountain.

The accompanying video this week is about an important man who didn’t let his day to day struggle keep him from achieving a different life. He wanted to learn to read and he didn’t let anything stop him. He wanted freedom for himself and for others who were being treated horribly. In his struggles he found progress. I hope this weeks poster and video will inspire you to help your students realize that they too can overcome obstacles that are in their way by pushing through. 


Click here to download your free poster and link to a video about Frederick Douglass.

If there is no struggle there is no progress

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