Homework Awards

Homework Awards do you do them or not?

I wanted to offer a different perspective on homework from a parent’s point of view.  Do I think my 1st grader has too much?  Sometimes. Do I think it is necessary? Not always.  Do we complete it every week? Absolutely!  For the sake of this blog post I won’t go into the age old debate about homework but I will tell you why we complete ours each week and it is not for the reason you may think.

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I believe 100% in being an active participant in my son’s education.  I know the importance of parental involvement in reading daily with my child.  I support my son’s teacher and will do anything I can to make sure my son completes the packet she sends home. My son is smart, he is on level in most areas and doesn’t struggle in academics, but he does struggle.

See his struggle is behavior.  I, like many others have a son with ADHD and potentially a host of other issues that will likely only get worse as he gets older.  He is following the same pattern my 15 year old daughter has had so I know what I am looking at.  He struggles with making and keeping friends although he is a good and gentle boy most of the time.  He struggles with outbursts of energy and words; he struggles with taking responsibility for his actions. He has some quirks like he won’t put his hand flat against a piece of paper to hold it down while erasing, he scrunches his toes inside his shoes when he feels anxious. He thinks those things are obvious to everyone and they think he is weird.  He overthinks and analyzes things people say.  He is afraid of the dark and is embarrassed by it. We are a work in progress and most days he is a challenge and he knows it.

When his teacher says, “It was quiet when you were not here yesterday Micah.” in an effort to make him aware that his outbursts are disruptive.  He hears, “You are too loud and should stay home.” When he clips to yellow or orange most days he thinks, “I am the worst kid ever.” I have to daily build up his confidence and talk him down off the ledge of self-doubt and he just turned 7.

The real reason why we complete our weekly homework packet is that at the end of each month his teacher gives out awards!  It may seem silly and unimportant to many but when he brings home his award at the end of the month his face is shining, he is proud of himself at that moment.  We do our homework because at the end of the day he has realized that he IS capable of doing something well.

Thus far on his educational journey I feel blessed.  He has had some amazing private Pre K-Kinder teachers who loved and prayed for him daily and this year he has had a bit of an adjustment going into the public school arena but again his teacher has been nothing but patient and loving with him.  When she asked me if I would make her some cute Homework Awards (she knows I create teaching resources) I jumped at the chance!

Monthly Homework Awards


We may not win “Student of the month” or a host of other awards given out on a monthly basis but my little man can get one of these! So if you have a child like mine in your class and chances are you do, if they complete their homework an award may be something you can do to say “Your AWESOME” or “Way to Go!”  Feel free to check out my homework awards and if there is anything special you would like added please don’t hesitate to let me know!

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