Kindergarten Math Centers for March

Kindergarten Math Centers for March

Kindergarten Math Centers for March

Kindergarten Math Centers for March

I have just updated my Kindergarten Math Centers for March to include some fun and practical activities to last all month!

Number Bonds using ten frames

This center will allow your students to continue working on basic number bonds by using a ten frame as a model. Pick 2 different colored counters or seasonal manipulatives and let them build number bonds. The recording sheet will help them show their work.

Teen Number Practice

Kindergarten Math Centers for March Teen Numbers

Next up is some number practice with teen numbers. Student will pick a number card and then find the 3 remaining pieces of the puzzle to show the number. Each number is represented in ten frames, tally marks and dice.

Pick, Roll and Add or Subtract

Kindergarten Math Centers Add and SubtractAdding and subtracting is simple with this pick, roll and do activity. Number cards go up to 20 so you can pick and choose which set of numbers your students work with.

Number Line Practice
 Number Line Practice Kindergarten Math Centers March
March’s number line practice sets include both counting by ones and skip counting by 2’s. Student will determine the missing number under the shamrock!
Subtraction Puzzles

Kindergarten Math Centers March Subtraction

Students will continue to work on basic subtraction by putting the puzzles together to show the answer.

Numbers that Come Before

With this set of cards students will pick a strip and look at the number on the pot of gold. They will count back 3 numbers and record it on the response sheet included.

I hope that this set of Kindergarten Math Centers for March will provide a lot of differentiated practice for your class. I am working on April’s next(think spring)! If you have a specific skill you would like me to include in next months set shoot me an email and I will work it in!


Download your 11 page freebie here!

Kindergarten Math Centers for March

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