My New Year Goals

My New Years Goals


New Years 2016 Goals

It is New Year’s Eve and you know what that means! It is time for some resolutions to focus on in the new year!  I am so happy that 2015 is coming to a close. It has been a rough year for us, not as rough as 2014 but I digress. I always spend New Years Eve reflecting on the victories over the year sometimes they are small but they are always there.  I am linking up with Mrs. D’s Corner to share some of the goals I have for this year. It is a mix of things both personal and professional!

My 2016 Goals 6 fun filled facts and things I want to accomplish this year.



Goal #1 A Good Deed I am going to do: Cute Flip Drive

I am planning to fill a zip drive for a friend who is new to homeschooling this year and bless her with some materials from my store. I homeschooled 4 of my 5 children and it can be rough sometimes. Friends and relatives who don’t support you can quickly lead to self doubt and all around feelings of defeat. 

Goal #2 A New Skill I’d Like to Learn: videos

I want to learn how to make those cute videos that showcase your products being used or in action.  I have seen so many awesome ones and I just know that there has to be a tutorial out there somewhere lol.  I am not that great at photography so yeah I am hoping that I can get the kids to help me out a bit!

Goal #3 A Book I’d Like to Read:         Winds of Winter

Welllll……. I’d really like to read “The Winds of Winter” the next book in the Game of Thrones series (A Song of Ice and Fire) but yeah I fear that old age may take George R.R. Martin before he decides to write and release the next one. Now before anyone thinks that I am wishing ill will upon the guy I declare I am not. I just want the man to finish it already, I mean I already know I won’t like the ending and that one of my favorite characters will die but I would really like to read about it before HBO writes their version sigh………..  Anyone got a suggestion for a new series lol?

Goal #4 A Bad Habit I Am Going to Break:no-sugar

I have got to break my bad eating habit. I have really lost it! I have fallen so far off the wagon that it refuses to come back for me. I lost over 70lbs but due to some stress and family issues I have really let myself go. I need to go back to eating no sugar, no carbs or as low carbs ad is healthy for me. 

Goal #5 I’m Going To Do Better At:    positive-thinking

I am going to work on being more positive.I doubt myself so much and I really don’t want to start 2016 with all that doubt. I plan to focus on staying in the Word and reminding myself of the goodness and positive things that are in my life. I am alive, loved and doing what I am passionate about.

Goal #6 A Person I Hope To Be More Like:My Bri

There are a lot of people in the TpT world that I admire and hope to one day be like but there is one person in my life that makes me really want to be a better person. My youngest daughter has had a rough start. She struggled with ADHD when she was younger and like many adolescents who are ADHD she now struggles with depression. She has struggled with it for years but we didn’t know the extent of it until 2014 when she attempted suicide. (I have her permission to discuss) She also was self medicating unbeknownst to the family. After her attempt she was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder and even though each day is a struggle she gets up and faces it. She has been sober for over a year now and is just so strong. She doesn’t realize exactly how strong she truly is but I do. I see it in the determination she has each day to get up and make it to school, I see it when she paints. I see it even when she takes a nap more than she should. I see it when she doesn’t make excuses for herself. I see it when she studies extra to pass her classes. I see it when she realizes that she has been through tougher things than most of the kids in her school. I see it when she goes to group each week and is accountable to others. She is so important to me! I want to find some of her strength and courage to fight my own battles. She makes me so proud and I can’t wait to see what her future has in store for her!

Thanks for reading my post I am so looking forward to 2016! I’d love to read about your New Year’s Goals. You can grab this image and post your own goals and then link up your post by visiting Mrs. D’s Corner

new year goals


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