November Homework Routines

November Homework and spelling

November Homework and spelling

November Homework Routines


I thought I would share some of our November Homework Routines on the blog this month. As a teacher homework was always  one of those things that you hate to assign but are often mandated to by others. Whether you collaborate with your team or come up with it on your own it is often another hassle for us.

After fighting with my son each night to do his homework I had had enough. His homework this year was too advanced for him. If you have students who get overwhelmed easy they will just shut down. After all they just spent 6 hours in a classroom learning. I believe if homework is assigned it shouldn’t bring about tears and frustration.

This year the 2nd grade team decided to do homework differently. It is a 2 sheet printout with suggestions of 16 spelling ideas to choose from and another 16 reading choices options.  Some of the choices are typical and fairly easy. Then there are others that to be honest I didn’t want my child to do. Since he has difficulty in spelling it was not helpful for him to write his words backwards.

Fortunately my son’s amazing teacher has been kind enough to let me modify his homework. 

We start with reading. He alternates between reading aloud, me reading aloud or listening to a book via QR Code. Regardless of the choice he has to complete a response sheet regarding what he is reading. Here is one from this weeks homework! 


November Reading homework made easy.

Writing is up next! I created some fun writing prompts that you can use in 2 different ways. You can use the traditional writing papers or you can print the interactive notebook sheets at 85% and have them complete them that way. Each monthly themed set includes a set of Q & A’s for the first day of the month and a review page that you can use at the end of the month.

Writing prompts made easy

This spelling sheet is awesome because it can be used with any list of spelling words. 

Spelling homework made easy

Click on the image below to download a free sample set of Reading, Writing and Spelling homework pages that you can use for the month of November!

November Homework Sampler

If you would like to see the full products click on the image below to view them! Thank you so much!

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