Number Sense Activity Boxes

Number Sense Activity Boxes

Number Sense

Number Sense Activity Boxes

Building number sense is the first foundational step to building fluency with numbers. To have a concrete understanding of numbers is so important for later grades. These number sense activities will provide children the opportunity to explore and learn about numbers in a hands on way.

This system is easy to set up and since all of the items are together it makes a super fast and easy math center. The task cards will go in one container, the manipulatives in the other container. The mats and response sheets will be in the color coordinating drawer!

Ten Frame Activity Box

Ten Frame Activity Boxes

Students choose a ten frame card, use a 10 frame mat and create the same number. They can record their answers on the response sheet provided. Numbers 1-20 are provided.

Teaching Superkids Bead Boxes

Count and Lace the Beads

This activity box set includes task cards with the numbers 1-20 represented with beads. This is a great activity that not only works on number sense but also fine motor skills with the lacing. You can use the mat and response sheets for accountability.

Teaching Superkids Links in a chain activity

Links in a chain

This set includes task cards 1-20 with cute animals on them. The student will count the animals and then add links to the bottom of the card to show the number. Again, accountability is available by using the link mat and the response sheets.

Roll the dice Teaching Superkids

Roll the Dice

This set includes number cards 1-24. The cards are in one box, dice in the other and then in the matching drawer is the response sheets and mats. Students will roll the dice (1-4 die) find the number card that matches and record their answers.

Teaching Superkids base 10 blocks

Base Ten Blocks 

Students pick a task card, use base ten blocks on the mat and then record their answers on the response sheets.

Number books

Number Books

Put one or two sets of sample number books in one container for students to look at and the other container can hold the glue sticks to make their own book. The drawer holds the printed copies for the student to use to create their number masterpieces. Each book has 5 ways to show the number and then a practice the number and the number word tracing page.

Number QR Codes Box

Number QR Codes

Do you use tech in your math centers? If not, you can! This set of QR codes have 4 songs or videos about each number! The kids will love to sing along and you can use the response sheets as a way of practicing at home as well.

Number activity Boxes

Number Puzzles

This set is the only one that doesn’t have a coordinating drawer. Each number has 4 puzzles so you can add 2 full number sets to one container and have the students put together the puzzles or you can add numbers 1-10 in one container and 11-20 in the other. This set also comes with a half size number posters and practice pages.

This growing bundle is available in my store and more resources will be added! Click over to check out the bundle now!


You can use these number activity boxes with or without the photo keeper and drawer set. You could  use pencil boxes for each activity and keep the pieces all together and the mats and response sheets in a folder or baggie. If you would like to purchase and use the same system shown you can purchase them at Michaels, Hobby Lobby or Amazon.

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