Summer Screen Time Rules

Screen Rules for Sumertime

Summer Screen Time Rules

Summer Screen Time Rules 

Summer has arrived in our house and we are super excited! If you are anything like me you probably haves some great things planned for the kids this year. At our house we need to keep them busy and off screens as much as possible. Introduce Summer Screen Time Rules for our household! We are super excited about this one. If you are anything like me you may have a slight obsession for charts, rules, and posters. So I created this cute set of rules!

One thing I have had to do in my house is institute some rules for the amount of screen time my son will get. If he had his way he would sit in front of it ALL DAY, EVERYDAY. There is only so much of “HELLO, this is Stampy” (said in a very loud British accent) that I can take. He really makes me want to tear my hair out! We set out a daily routine in which he has to complete his summer review work, and then check the summer screen time rules list before he goes on. 

This set has a specific set of hygiene and daily routines that must be completed before going on. There is even an academic set of rules that must be completed prior to logging on. Reading, writing, coloring, using their hands to build or make something because continuing to use their imaginations is so important. There are even a few chores that are easy enough for them to complete.

Now all you have to do is agree to the amount of time they can be on! What struck me the most about this list of rules is that there is no need to argue. The kids will know what is expected of them therefore they will know ahead of time what needs to be done before asking to go on.

Rather than fight download the summer screen time rules freebie from my TpT store todya! I hope you and your kids have a fantastic summer filled with fun in the sun, relaxation and some downtime for everyone!

Summer Screen Time Rules Download

Summer Rules for Screen Time

If you are looking for some additional resources to keep your little ones busy this summer check out my completely digital First Grade Google Drive Summer Review pack! No need to print or bind anything, it is all done through Google Docs. 

First Grade Summer Review

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