Teaching Word Families

Word Family Activities

Teaching Word Families in Kindergarten

Do you teach word families in your class? This week I am going to break down some of the activities we use. What I love most about word families is that it gives students confidence as they take that next step from knowing sounds to reading words. It helps with rhyming and I know if you can make it fun they will enjoy it so much more. Here is what we do to keep it fun!

Write the Room & Sound It Out:

Write the room activities are so much fun and this set includes colorful word cards and 2 student response sheets. One set is differentiated for your students. One sheet is for those that are writing well and a tracing page for those that need extra practice. The other one is a search and find puzzle. I laminate the sound it out cards and student use dry erase markers to write the sounds in the boxes or you can use letter tiles. Student response sheet included as well for this activity.
Write the Room Cards at word family
at word family Response Sheets
At word family activities

Concentration, Say It Make It Write It and Trace It:

My kidos LOVE to play a good ole fashioned game of concentration. Again, you can differentiate after you have introduced a few different word families to make the game more exciting. Use the picture cards from the concentration set to have the kids Say It, Make It and then write it out. The word cards can be used as a guide to see if they spelled it correctly. I love these cards as so many of my kidos need the extra practice writing. I laminate these cards and the student can pick them from a bag, read the word and trace it with an expo marker.

Concentration at word family
at word family activities
at word family activities


Word family extra practice pages
at word family activities
at word family activities


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